About Us

About Us

Our Mission: To bring sneaker and streetwear fans, like ourselves all the best in vintage, new apparel and accessories.
Headache Trading Co has a lifelong love with vintage sneakers and streetwear from the beginning when we were just purchasing these items for ourselves as a hobby. Way before it was ever a business it was our lifestyle because we all know that what you wear speaks volumes about who you are.

The story of Headache Trading began is a normal one dating back 10 years ago when the three of us decided that our passion for fashion should become a lucrative business. We decided to combine our efforts and resources to form Headache Trading Co.
We knew if we had this passion for streetwear, sneakers, and vintage then others also had it. Our mission took on a life of its own and it was to connect these vintage and well-known name brand items with those who were combing the Internet searching for them.

We specialize in sought-after inventory that is no longer available at regular sneaker stores simply because they are no longer available after their initial date of release. We pre-authenticate all of our inventory before they are made available to the public so we guarantee that all our sneakers and merchandise are 100% authentic and pre-worn (vintage) unless they are listed as brand new.

Always know that we provide the best quality merchandise and if you ever have any questions about our products feel free to contact us.

-- from the desk of the Headache Trading Co. Team